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The importance of Street Art


Iona Lowe takes a look back at the origins of street art so that we can understand its importance...

Banksy: Working from home


Lorcan Flahive discusses Banksy's latest piece of rats causing havoc during lockdown. ...

Clasp controversy continues


This year, a campus-wide debate has emerged following the erection of Clasp. This 4.5 metre-high art installation was created by Sir Antony Gormley, who was knighted in 2014 and...

Hadrian’s Wang: Erotic graffiti found at Hadrian’s Wall


Archaeologists at Newcastle University have been working to record various pieces of graffiti made at Gelt Woods quarry, Cumbria, over 1800 years ago.  The quarry is a site close...

Is graffiti art?


Dominic Sutcliffe discusses whether we can really consider graffiti art. ...