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“That rock and roll ay?”: Is it still electric?


Elena Corcobado takes a look at guitar music and asks if its still relevant...

Preview: Jake Bugg at O2 City Hall


The incredible Jake Bugg is playing Newcastle O2 City hall on Thursday 12 March. After a string of popular UK tour dates it’s no surprise Jake is back so soon. His latest...

Fans ecstatic as John Frusciante re-joins Red Hot Chili Peppers


John Frusciante, the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, has officially been announced to be rejoining the band. They posted on Instagram: “Josh is a beautiful musician...

New Fender guitar shape rocks opinion


Fender's new design has invited mixed feelings ...

Coco (U) Review


Sid Pinsent reviews the latest Pixar offering....