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Why everybody should visit Auschwitz


Alex Dunn reflects on a visit to the infamous concentration and extermination camp. ...

Law Commission on hate crime comes to campus


Today (Thursday 29 August), Newcastle University will host the Law Commission for the first time in the city. The event has been organised by Tyne and Wear Citizens to give voice...

“We all came from the same place”: Newcastle University hosts Islam and Black History Event


“Why Islam and black history?” was the question posed to open the talk on the 29th of November. Newcastle University’s Islamic Society (ISoc) and Afro-Carribean Society...

NUSU launches campaign to tackle hate crime


Newcastle University’s Student Union has launched a campaign to tackle issues of hate crime incidents on campus. This comes as part of the “Changing the Culture” project,...

Newcastle students pay tribute to victims of transphobic hate crime


To end Transgender Awareness Week, Newcastle University students gathered by the SU to commemorate the lives lost due to acts of transphobic violence. International Transgender...

Newcastle responds to rising hate crime on metro


Hate crime continues to rise in the UK and it is a particular problem on public transport. National Hate Crime Awareness Week began on 13th October and many people in Newcastle...