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Out of Order – John Bercow


On 31 October, one promise to leave was kept. John Bercow stood down. The news was met by a mixture of delight and despair, as is the new normal when anything is announced in UK...

Some assembly required on climate change policy


There’s an old adage that the American Congress is overly pale, male and stale, a criticism that applies equally to the Houses of Parliament. While this is likely to change...

Greggs’s huge ‘roll’ in preparing for Brexit deals


Greggs have announced that they have begun stockpiling pork - as well as building up supplies of other "key ingredients" and obtaining certain pieces of light machinery - as part...

Prorogation ruled “unlawful” by the Supreme Court, so what is it still doing in the rulebook?


Ella Bending debates Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament. ...

Bercow attracts biggest public lecture audience in 20 years


Here's the lowdown on John Bercow's visit to Newcastle...