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Appalling conditions in UK prisons continue to worsen


The Ministry of Justice has just published its annual report on the state of the prisons in England and Wales, and it makes for damning reading. Among the most disturbing findings...

Human rights campaigners speak at Newcastle University


Helen Byrne reports on the Amnesty International event...

A very European problem


In December 2017, the Courier published articles on human rights in Turkey. Adnan Eren Can offers a rebuttal....

Human Rights: a cold Turkey?


Since World War One and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has set its roots firmly in secular values. Kemal Ataturk, the first president of the Turkish Republic in...

Peter Tatchell shares his experiences of protest


Veteran human rights activist, Peter Tatchell, began his workshop by detailing his upbringing in Australia. Surrounded by an evangelical family, Tatchell was influenced by the...