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Understanding Islamophobia and what it takes to hate


On 12th February, the Insights Lecture series continued with a talk from Professor Peter Hopkins, entitled “Understanding Islamophobia”. With the rise of the far-right and...

“We all came from the same place”: Newcastle University hosts Islam and Black History Event


“Why Islam and black history?” was the question posed to open the talk on the 29th of November. Newcastle University’s Islamic Society (ISoc) and Afro-Carribean Society...

Mohammed Salah: the sociological meteorite


Tom Hussey commends the Egyptian international for using football to forward social change...

A threat to Liberté?


After a chain of murderous attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris, including an iconic assault on free speech and liberty in the Charlie Hebdo shootings, agitations over a...

ISoc opens up faith and welcomes all


The aim of the week was to educate non-Muslims about the Islamic faith and its cultural traditions....

‘State of the Ummah’ tour urges action


Religious speakers discuss charity and issues facing the Muslim community today...