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‘Oh hai, lawsuit’: Tommy Wiseau ordered to pay $700k to filmmakers


Tommy Wiseau’s life continues to be an area of fascination, now being ordered to pay roughly $700,000 to the filmmakers of Room Full of Spoons (2016), a documentary surrounding...

Freaks and Geeks


Despite its short lived television run, Freaks and Geeks changed the way teenagers are portrayed on television. Never afraid to shine a light on the ‘unpopular’ kids, this...

James Franco’s allegations – why ‘cancel culture’ might be justified


Molly Greeves discusses James Franco's allegations of sexual misconduct, and when it is justifiable to 'cancel' an artist....

Review: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (15)


Our own Joe Holloran reviews the latest flick from the legendary Coan Brothers on Netflix....