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Throwback – True Detective


Ahh, True Detective Season 1 (who are we kidding, that other season with Colin Farrell doesn’t exist). True Detective is a televised triumph. A lot of TV shows are good, and...

Team Stark vs Team Cap


Jordan Oloman and Dan Haygarth have their own Civil War about who is better, Team Stark or Team Cap. Who will you choose?...

E3 Predictions – Jordan Oloman


E3 is back, and I’m scared. If I put my optimist hat on, I’d like to see a new Crash Bandicoot (there’s an easter egg about it in Uncharted 4 so Sony are definitely making...

Preview – Fallout 4: Far Harbour


We’re going back to Bahston, to Pahk the Cah in Haavahd Yahd. Yes. Bethesda is really on point with their DLC, with another impressive looking expansion coming soon after the...

Animation to reality, does it work?


With originally animated films being ever-increasingly adapted to live action, Jordan Oloman examines if it works, or if it is purely economic...