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10 year forecast: social justice – will the job market ever be fair?


“It’s not who you know, it is what you know”.  In an ideal world the next ten years will see the opportunity for students to get jobs to be based not on their...

Appalling conditions in UK prisons continue to worsen


Joe Holloran & Elisabetta Pulcini examine the horendus conditions in UK prisons....

Justice – Woman


Jess Weisser reviews Justice's new album, Woman...

Electronic Blanket


Justice has finally been served, and it’s utterly delicious. That’s right folks – after four years of waiting, the legendary French electronica duo are back with...

A setback for justice


Ched Evans was found guilty of rape. After serving some of his sentence, he was granted a re-trial from which he walked free. How? His defence found a way to use the victim’s...

FemSoc ‘Reclaim The Night’


FemSoc and other supporters march through city centre to 'Reclaim the Night'...