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Stick it to the man-datory voting


The right to vote is one of the most important in British society. Nonetheless, whilst most voters will be debating which party to vote for, some may still be wondering whether to...

Roasts, Toasts and Soapboxes


Roast Slow Walkers We’re living in such torrid times that it’s easy to find a topic to get frustrated about. However, one problem that has existed since the dawn of time needs...

In conversation with Lisa Nandy


Grace Dean spoke to prominent Labour MP Lisa Nandy about Newcastle, Brexit, and the changing face of UK politics....

Corbyn speaks at Durham Miners’ Gala


Jeremy Corbyn was among the speakers who attended the 135th annual Durham Miners’ Gala on Saturday 13 July 2019, which saw over 100,000 people flock to the city. Also known as...

A Living Wage for University Staff? A new campaign


Campaigning students are set to campaign for a higher minimum wage for university staff. Labour Society is doing research and preparation. ...

Our democracy is sick, but still alive


This past year has threatened the foundations of democratic process across the board. I’m happy to sit here and say that every process I’ve witnessed – the NUS campaign, the...