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Does language used for encouragement influence girls’ engagement in science?


Language may play an important role in shaping young girls' perception of science. ...

Is it worth taking a year out to study abroad?


There are always pros and cons for everything but the benefits you can get from taking a year abroad are priceless. You will get the precious chance to travel around, visit...

No more funky music- speak French!


Languages are a consistent paradox of the common and the discrete. Their ability to open up worldly intricacies, while also isolating them entirely is perhaps what gives them...

Pixel Buds: Google Headphones Translate Foreign Languages


Why bother learning a new language when you can pop a pair of these on?...

Number of Language Degrees plummeting


The number of universities offering language degrees has fallen by 30%, a recent report by UCAS reveals. The paper points to a rapidly increasing number of closing language...

Howay,It’s Regional Slang


Confused by your flatmates’ conversations? Antonia Colman-Harvey brings us the concise guide to decoding Northern slang...