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Martin Luther King remembered through memorial lecture


The life and work of the social reformer and abolitionist Frederick Douglass was commemorated on Wednesday 13th through the form of a Martin Luther King Memorial Lecture. Titled...

Guardian columnist gives lecture on political crisis


Last week Guardian columnist George Monbiot led one of the Newcastle University Insight lectures titled; ‘Out of the wreckage: a new politics for an age of crisis’ based on...

Public lecture explores why “where you live can kill you”


“Health divides: where you live can kill you”: it’s an arresting title, which was fitting for a lecture delivered with the exact same sense of urgency and passion. Part of...

Sexism and the City: University Insights lecture explores gender mainstreaming in architecture


On Thursday 11th October, a feminist spoke at a university; it is hardly surprising, but the topic of her lecture certainly proved out of the ordinary. Marion Roberts –...

Jane Robinson’s lecture captures Hearts and Minds


Zoe Crowther went along to the latest Insights lecture, by the author Jane Robinson...

400 Years of the Bard


First off I was surprised at how full the Curtis Auditorium was. There was a lot of people, many I recognised from coming into work, so I plonked myself into a seat and avoided...