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Desert Island Books: Lecturer edition


We ask our favourite lecturers what book changed their life, what novels get them nostalgic or what polotical journals get their blood boiling , and why they had such an effect on...

Strikes set to continue after Easter break as UCU rejects pensions deal


Isabel Sykes brings us the latest updates from the UCU industrial action: strikes to continue after Easter...

Lecturers: It’s a strike!


Cuts to and marketisation of university pensions has provoked a strike, but what do students think?...

Are academic staff helping students cheat?


A new government-backed report is expected to find that academic staff across the UK are involved in so-called ‘essay mills’, companies that offer academic essays and other...

Lecturers to strike during exams over pay rise refusal


The Universities and Colleges Union will strike at the end of the month over pay rise deemed 'an insult'....

A+ for Attractiveness


Everyone’s encountered one: the TILF, or Teacher I’d Like To... (Fill in the blank). Molly Harris explores the forbidden crushes that you harbour for your lecturer...