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Newcastle student named a judge for North East poetry prize


Lauren Aspery, a Newcastle Student and twice winner of the Terry Kelly Poetry Prize is calling for more Newcastle students to enter the competition that rewarded her literary...

2089: A Future with no Secrets?


Culture editor Alex Moore talks to Miles M. Hudson about 2089, his new novel set in a future where privacy is a thing of the past....

Newcastle event celebrates renowned Japanese writer


Last week, Newcastle University hosted a conference and multimedia event series about the acclaimed Japanese author Haruki Murakami. The project, Eyes on Murakami, celebrated the...

Are physical books outdated?


Gerry Hart and Lucy Lillystone discuss paper books, comparing them to their less traditional conterparts and whether modern technology is ruining contemporary experiences of...

Could Modern Science Make Frankenstein’s Monster?


Science Editor Jack Coles ponders Mary Shelly's monstrous creation....