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Marvel isn’t marmite, Scorsese


Harriet Metcalfe comments on the controversial statements made by legendary director Martin Scorsese about comic book movies. ...

Spider-Man swings back to MCU!


Emma Atkinson gives us her views on the shock return of Peter Parker to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.....

Avengers: Infinity War (12A) Review


Dan Haygarth reviews the latest Marvel epic...

DC vs Marvel: Dawn of Good Films?


With the DC Cinematic Universe failing at every turn Joe Holloran expalins why the series should take a page from Marvels comic books....

Doctor Strange (12A)


Film Editor Emma Allsopp braved the multiverse to review Disney's latest cinematic 'Marvel', Doctor Strange. How does this more obscure character fare amongst the other big...

Supertropes: Age of Unoriginality


With a huge amount of superhero films on the market, Jacob Clarke examines the existing tropes and questions whether they are improving in the light of new releases....