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Metro Exodus will be an Epic Games Store Exclusive


Al Ridley discusses the nature of exclusivity regarding different PC game clients, and gives us a scarcely-heard developers' side to the argument....

Newcastle responds to rising hate crime on metro


Hate crime continues to rise in the UK and it is a particular problem on public transport. National Hate Crime Awareness Week began on 13th October and many people in Newcastle...



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End of the Line? Metro Prices Rise Again


As Metro fares continue to rise, our writers discuss whether the service is value for money, and the faults of public transport...

A Northerner’s Guide to Newcastle


Local student Sian Dickie reveals her favourite places in and around Newcastle. Welcome back or Welcome to Newcastle. I’ve lived here all of my life and I thought I’d share...

Metro pet hates


Victoria Young lets rip on the quintessential Newcastle Metro and the worst types of pestering passengers...