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A bit of Earth on the moon?


The Apollo 14 astronauts may have brought back a small piece of Earth, along with the moon rocks. ...

The Artificial Moon Experiment – Is It Really Feasible?


Artificial moon: Science fiction or a not so distant reality?...

Mythbusters: Could you shoot the moon?


Chris Little considers the logistics of taking a shot at our celestial neighbour....

Would all the Earth’s elephants stretch to the moon?


Callum Costello jets off around the world to measure up this old wives' tail....

Did we really land on the moon?


Conspiracy theorists believe NASA faked the Apollo landing, explains Chris Little....

The real dark side of the moon


In the wake of NASA’s declassification of the music heard on the dark side of the moon in 1969, Errol Kerr investigates if Pink Floyd really is to blame for the mysterious...