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Nintendo PlayStation Prototype auction reaches £372,000


The rare Nintendo and PlayStation hybrid is currently up for auction, with an offer of $1.2 million being declined....

What I’m Playing: Mortal Kombat 11


I don’t want to begin this feature of the freshers’ issue with controversy, but – wait for it – this latest entry in the Mortal Kombat series is the first one...

Mortal Kombat’s film reboot


Get over here! James Troughton tells all about the talks for another attempt at adapting this fighting classic into film....

Top 5 video game movies


From goofy, cheesy 90s flicks to yellow CGI mice, James Troughton gives a rundown of his favourite video game films....

Why do we play Video Games?


What are we doing? What's the point of it all. Jack Coles ponders why we find video games so captivating...

Top 5 Banned Videogames


5. Fallout 3 (Australia) So, throughout this list of banned games you’re going to hear about one country in particular on several occasions. Our friends over in the southern...