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BioDynaMo: Newcastle helps develop program for simulating brain tumour growth


A multinational effort, made in collaboration with University College London, The University of Cyprus and CERN saw the monumental creation of a freely available program for...

Has brain study crossed a line?


Lilla Marshall reports on ethical issues that surround neurological studies...

The cause of Alzheimer’s disease may have finally been identified


Researchers believe that they have finally identified the elusive cause of Alzheimer's - and it's a bacterium. ...

A Second Chance


Paraplegic patients have been allowed to walk again thanks to a near-miraculous neural implant. ...

Social Cephalopods: Octopuses on Ecstasy


What happens when you give MDMA to a couple of octopuses? Lily Holbrook has the answer. ...

Ultrasound Used to Treat Parkinson’s Tremors


New study shows ultrasound therapy could help Parkinson's patients, explains Jack Coles....