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Council proposes new air pollution bade scheme


Writer Emily Hawksley discusses the council's plans for air pollution badges...

Iconic city mural saved from student flats


The century old Robert Sinclair Tobacco sign had been under threat of being hidden behind a new housing block for students. The developer, Versant Developments, had been wanting...

Newcastle prepares for a no-deal Brexit


With a no-deal Brexit becoming increasingly more likely, Newcastle City Council have expressed their concerns. These include the increased use of food banks, a struggle for...

Residents told to recycle fewer items


Newcastle citizens may soon be told to recycle fewer items with their rubbish bins. New statistics report that Newcastle city council lost around £500,000 due to mismanaged...

The magic money tree of the council


Earlier this year The Chronicle revealed that Pat Ritchie, the Chief Executive of Newcastle Council, had been awarded a £8,500 pay rise under shady circumstances – she now...

Unwitnessed noise complaints to be reported to landlords


Newcastle City Council has taken steps to introduce a system whereby all landlords will be informed of noise complaints, with or without evidence...