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What I’m Playing: Horizon Zero Dawn


George Boatfield tells us all about this colourful post-post-apocalypse as he catches up with this 2017 release....

Review: Red Dead Redemption II


Can Rockstar re-capture the spirit of the old West after an eight year wait? Matthew Neville saddles up to find out....

Fallout 4 – James McCoull


I couldn’t honestly tell you when I realised that Fallout 4 was ‘it’. Perhaps it was during its teaser trailer way back at E3 2015, mournful music playing over a camera...

Fallout 4 – Jordan Oloman


Well, what can I say? Fallout 4 is here, and my free time is slowly dissipating into the void. I cheekily made Steam think I was in New Zealand so I could play it 16 hours early....

Fallout 4 – Michael Hicks


After what seems at the same time like a millennium and no time at all, Fallout 4 is finally here and in my PS4. Once more do I venture into Fallout’s bombed-out husk of a...

Fallout 4 – Charlotte Huggins


I’m a postgrad paying £5500 a year in tuition. I have two jobs, PhD applications to work on, and heaps of academic work that I never seem able to make a dent in. So naturally I...