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Is this what democracy looks like? Parliament prorogation and “the will of the people”


The years since the Brexit referendum have taught me that if you ask any number of people what democracy means you will get as many answers back.   I could try to give my own...

Parliament Prorogation: why all the fuss?


Prorogation is an official mechanism that is used to end a session of parliament. Typically, it lasts only a short time until parliamentary proceedings begin again with a new...

Boris Johnson’s rise to power: the country will pay


In recent years an already unstable political climate has hit global turbulence....

Newcastle lecturer appointed in House of Commons


Dr Sylvia de Mars, who lectures in EU and International Law at Newcastle University, will be taking up a new position part time as a Senior Researcher in EU and International Law...

Newcastle University’s rising stars visit parliament


Six of Newcastle Universities most talented individuals from the fields of Science and Engineering have been chosen to present their research in Parliament. The competition, STEM...

Parliament Week does democracy


Parliament Week aims to encourage young people to show interest in politics...