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Poembox: Don’t tell the stars


Maria Savin takes over the poembox for the final edition of the paper. ...

Poembox: The Haunting


The night is squeezing air out of my lungs. A nightmare demon like a snake released his fangs. I’m suffocating and I really don’t know why, I close my eyes and feel as if...

Poembox: Every Drop


Our latest weekly poetry submission is Every Drop by Olivia Blackham...

Heaven: a poem


She’s standing there in a hazed light, a yellow aureole above her head and a white robe. Wings held her up above clouds as she smiled, so alive and so beautiful. Gracefully...

PoemBox: Ode to the Oxymoron


Elena Trayanova shares her 'Ode to the Oxymoron' with us....