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Talkin' bout the next generation – Pokémon Speculation


It’s been just over two years since X and Y were released for the 3DS, yet Game Freak are already teasing us with more and more Generation VII details. It’s almost unheard of...

A wild licensed puzzle game appears! – Pokemon Picross


Nintendo seems to have become fond of using Pokémon as the basis for its free-to-play offerings recently. First there were Pokémon Shuffle and Pokémon Rumble World, and now...

Review: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon


It's time for another mysterious dungeon adventure in the latest Pokémon instalment....

Pikachu the Great Mouse Detective


Pokémon has spawned numerous spin-off titles in the twenty years since it first took the world by storm, from roguelikes to war games to on-rails photography, but the series’...