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Political harassment: how far is too far?


In this climate of chaos, resentment against seemingly incapable politicians is understandable. Unsurprisingly however, this frustration seems to come from the same people who...

Top keksit


I was barely through my third pre-dinner vodka when I heard the news. Theresa May’s deal got voted out again by a margin of 149; perhaps not as big as the literally historic...

Roasts, Toasts and Soapboxes


Comment's home of rants: weird, wonderful, weekly. Our two new columns give writers the chance to roast, or toast, a figure or group of their choosing....

Best of politicians attempting to act normal in 2018


So when it comes to politicians attempting normality I really don’t think anything can top Theresa May dancing at the Conservative Party Conference in October. Yeah it’s the...

The greatest sculpture of our time?


Christopher Little discusses a sculpture of Theresa May which has been making ripples in the art world. ...