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Coca-Cola’s plastic perception


Lily Holbrook reports how the global drinks manufacturer may not be as transparent with their recycling policies as we thought...

Council proposes new air pollution bade scheme


Writer Emily Hawksley discusses the council's plans for air pollution badges...

An in-depth look at microplastics, the start of a macro problem


Tiny plastics, far bigger problems - why microplastics are not as small a problem as you might think....

Tyneside Councils miss Clean Air Deadline again


Libby Prescott reports as the councils of Newcastle, Gateshead and North Tyneside miss another air pollution deadline. ...

North of Tyne to introduce UN-accredited climate change teachers: opinion


If Driscoll has serious concerns about the impact of climate change on the North East, he ought to do more than tell primary school children off for asking Mum for a lift to...

China collaboration tackles city pollution


The project is a part of the Low Carbon Innovations research programme....