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Say Hello to my Little Friend – Pokémon Sun and Moon starters revealed!


Well I’ll be damned if I’ve ever seen a cuter looking bunch of super-powered abominations in my entire life. We’ll start things out with my personal favourite, Rowlet...

Prepare to face your DOOM


Throughout the years we have seen the likes of Activision and EA attempt to reinvent the genre. Now we see the triumph return of Doom, the one that started it all and by trimming...

PREVIEW: NUTS Drama Festival


As the final semester begins Newcastle University Theatre Society (NUTS) prepares for its annual Drama Festival. There will be six brand new shows written by students that will...

Dark Souls III preview


It feels like an age since our last visit to From Software’s gothic world of immortal, determined heroes facing a chain of ageless monsters just waiting to be put to the sword....

Stan Calvert Super Sunday


The Stan Calvert Memorial Cup starts on the 29th of February, and ends on the 6th of March - don't miss out!...

Star Wars: The Hype Awakens


With quite possibly the biggest sequel release EVER coming up, James McCoull takes a look back at what we know so far from trailers, what to expect, and who to look out for...