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Prorogation ruled “unlawful” by the Supreme Court, so what is it still doing in the rulebook?


Ella Bending debates Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament. ...

If the government doesn’t think it should abide by the law, then why should any of us?


At 5.30am on Tuesday morning in New York, Boris Johnson awoke to find the Supreme Court’s damning verdict that he had encouraged the Queen to act in an unlawful manner and...

Boris’ pesky parliament prorogation


Boris Johnson has prorogued Parliament, or shut it down, without calling a general election. The building usually used to give Britons everywhere a voice and to make major...

Parliament Prorogation: why all the fuss?


Prorogation is an official mechanism that is used to end a session of parliament. Typically, it lasts only a short time until parliamentary proceedings begin again with a new...