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Should No. 10 be more transparent on Brexit?


The government’s wilful disregard for the sovereignty of parliament has been a disgrace. British democracy has always been a free parliament, accountable to the people, holding...

Should Scotland have second thoughts?


YES Should Scotland be able to hold another referendum? The answer undoubtedly is yes. Why? Circumstances in the UK have changed dramatically; we are no longer in the European...

Referendum results: Newcastle votes to disaffiliate from NUS


Following last week’s cross-campus referendum, Newcastle University Students’ Union will begin the process of disaffiliating with the National Union of Students (NUS). The...

REFERENDUMB? Should students vote to leave or stay with the NUS?


Matt Wilson-Boddy – LEAVE “I started the petition for referendum after attending the NUS conference in Brighton two weeks ago. I was elected as delegate on a platform of...

Referendum to be held on NUS disaffiliation


The referendum will run alongside elections for the Part-Time Officers (PTOs) between 9-12 May...

EU Referendum – the Channel’s hostile waters


LEAVE: Robin Richards  For some the election of 24 UKIP MEP’s in the 2014 European Elections represented a chance to enforce a new British nationalist agenda, to fly St...