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Review: Luigi’s Mansion 3DS


Al Ridley dives into the handheld version of the spooky GameCube classic. Does it hold up? Or is it time it was buried?...

Thom Yorke’s Suspirium impresses


Thom Yorke's new singles show promise......

Review: Samus Returns


Michael Hicks praises the return of one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises....

Club Trope-icana: Remakes and remasters


For Club Trope-icana this week, following the sense of nostalgia I felt over the story of the iconic first level of Spyro the Dragon being remade using the Unreal 4 engine, I...

Remake or Mistake?


Peter Moore, The Chief Operating Officer of EA, spoke out saying that EA had little interest in re-releasing the company’s older titles on newer platforms. In fact, he went as...