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Sabbatical officers launch rent refund petition


The petition demands that students receive "recognition, support and representation from Newcastle City Council, Newcastle University and private accommodation"...

Student rent should be frozen due to COVID-19


University students are being effected by coronavirus in a multitude of ways, both in and out of university. People all over the world are calling for rent freezes or even rent...

Behind the Scenes of Rent: Interview with Producer and Musical Director


Arts editor Julia McGee-Russell catches up with the Producer and Musical Director of the NUTS production 'Rent'....

Behind the scenes of ‘Rent’: Interview with the director


Arts editor Julia McGee-Russell gets a behind-the-scenes look at the latest NUTS production. ...

Survey finds rent prices are affecting mental health


  The National Student Accommodation Survey 2018 has revealed how the stresses of high rent and poor living conditions are affecting student’s stress levels and mental...

Boomerang Offspring: Bouncing Back


As more young people move back home, Caitlin Disken assesses the emotional impact of this...