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Throwback – WWE


During the Easter Break I made the decision to subscribe to the WWE Network to watch old episodes of Raw, Smackdown and matches featuring the greatest wrestler of all time, Chris...

The Return of Twin Peaks


The owls are not what they seem… well at least not in the mountain town of Twin Peaks, Washington State. Twin Peaks is hard to describe. It’s not comparable to anything else...

Trump TV: The Apprentice and WWE


So it’s been almost a month now since Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. As the Alt-right rejoice and the Social Justice Warriors whine...

E3 Predictions – Sam Blackburn


“Hopes and Fears for E3.” It’s a funny topic for me to discuss because I can honestly say I’ve had the same hope and fear for E3 since 2009, and 7 years on I still expect...