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Not so killer whale tail saves train from catastrophe


Lily Holbrook explores what happened when a tram was saved by a sculpture, in the Netherlands....

The state of affairs with a cherry on top: Heather Phillipson’s new fourth plinth piece


Temporary sculptures have been exhibited on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square since 1991. Heather Phillipson’s temporary whipped cream sculpture was unveiled last week: Anth...

Don’t be a mug – come and paint one instead!


Forget essays, exams and university stress: it is time to ‘seize the clay’. Having survived freshers and the first few painful weeks at university, we all know that...

Clasp controversy continues


This year, a campus-wide debate has emerged following the erection of Clasp. This 4.5 metre-high art installation was created by Sir Antony Gormley, who was knighted in 2014 and...

Most controversial campus moment of 2018


Perhaps not a moment but more spreading across the whole semester, the new Antony Gormley sculpture on King’s Walk has caused major controversy from its announcement to now, as...