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Review: The Addams Family (PG)


Jade Aruzhan Sagynay reviews the most recent animated take on the iconic family....

Thom Yorke’s Suspirium impresses


Thom Yorke's new singles show promise......

Black Panther: Its Monumental Musical Significance


Finlay Harbour delves into the Black Panther soundtrack and discusses its musical importance... ...

Creating an Atmosphere through Sound: How Video Games use Music


For me, one of the major things to make or break a game is how music is used. If there’s a good soundtrack, or a useful mechanic related to music, I’m a lot more enthusiastic...

Soundtrack of Doom: Trump Tunes


R.E.M. – ‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It’ I made a joke playlist prior to the election called ‘2016 Playlist’, where all 16 songs were just this one...