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Library to lockdown: how to adapt your Robbo revision routine


Meg Howe suggests how we can adapt our revision routines to stay productive in the comforts of our own homes....

A Beginner’s Guide to the Robbo


The Philip Robinson Library, fondly known as the Robbo, has a legendary status among Newcastle students. Whether you’re meeting up for a study session, working on an assignment...

Study reveals why students should stay active


Imogen Birkett reports on a Newcastle-led study concerning student health. ...

Anti-retroviral drugs can prevent the transmission of HIV, study finds


Could we be close to ending the HIV pandemic that has plagued the world for half a century?...

Location, location, location – the top 5 procrastination stations in the Robbo


After the lovely month-long Easter break that made you almost forget that you even go to uni, third term has hit us all hard with exam season. Assignments, projects, exams –...

Revision breaks count too right?


With exam season just around the corner, it seems like everyone could use a little advice about what to do about the best part of revision: the breaks. Read on for some tips on...