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Apology for “distress” caused by LGBTQ+ survey


Elsa Tarring on the University's response to the controversial LGBTQ+ survey ...

Over a third of school-leavers are unsure about attending uni following coronavirus


News Editor Aimee Seddon explains how coronavirus is causing a change in prospective students' plans......

Newcastle found to be ‘booziest student city’


News editor, Sophie Wilson, discusses how Newcastle students have been found to consume the most alcohol compared to universities in other cities. ...

New sexual misconduct survey launches


News Editor Sophie Wilson reports on a new survey on sexual assault, which is being distributed to Newcastle students...

Revolt Sexual Assault conducts new survey


A new survey is being conducted by Revolt Sexual Assault in partnership with The Student Room. Jaymelouise Hudspith reports:...

Courier study drug survey results in


Over 40% of students in Newcastle University believe that taking study aid drugs during term time does not amount to an unfair advantage, a survey conducted by The Courier has...