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Fly, CGI Dumbo, fly!


Harriet Metcalfe considers how CGI has impacted the role of animals in film....

Snowballs 2019: Worst Director – Jon Favreau (The Lion King)


James Troughton dethrones The Lion King director, Jon Favreau and tells us why he is the worst director of the year. ...

Snowballs 2019: Worst Screenplay – Jeff Nathanson (The Lion King)


Elisabetta Plucini tells us why The Lion King remake had the worst screenplay of 2019/...

Disney: Through The Looking Glass


With Mulan, The Lion King, and Aladdin all getting live-action reboots, is Disney going too far with its sequels and remakes? Chloe Mullins takes a look at this nostalgia frenzy....