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The Problem with Apu


In the midst of accusations of racist characterisation, Gerry Hart discusses The Simpson's Apu. ...

Why do adults still watch cartoons?


With animated shows like Rick and Morty becoming instant hits, joining classics like The Simpsons, Beth Chrisp delves into why adults love cartoons so much....

TV that has overstayed it’s welcome. These shows need to go!


In a perfect world, when a series has naturally run its course, the writers would always have the guts to bring it to a close. When the jokes become stale and the storylines...

Top 5 Plot Twists in TV


Beth Chrisp shares her Top 5 Plot Twists. Warning: *spoilers ahead* ...

Memory Card – The Simpsons: Hit & Run


Today I’ll be talking about a game fondly remembered from my childhood – The Simpsons: Hit and Run. A favourite for children of all ages (adults included) this game...