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Laughter Therapy: is it a middle class privilege?


Beauty Editor Rashida Campbell-Allen has a giggle about expensive therapies and how you can get the same results for free ...

Overcoming loneliness as an international student


Arifah Badlishah discusses some of the difficulties that face the international students of Newcastle. ...

Expressive writing: a healthy outlet


Arifah Badlishah lists why journaling will change your life ...

My Therapy: Talking


Even in today’s society, in which mental health issues have received some well-deserved representation in the media to tackle social stigma, it can still be hard to reach out to...

My Therapy: Exercise


I often say to people that exercise is my own personal form of therapy and it’s great: available whenever I want it, can very easily be made free and the guarantee of always...

My Therapy: The Beach


The seaside is, and I imagine always will be, my therapy. As a child my summers were spent at Cove, a remote village on the West Coast of Scotland, where (usually regardless of...