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Has stress finally kicked in?


It really is that time again. The nights are getting darker and the mornings are getting colder, making it just that little bit harder to get up for 9ams. Every student will...

Heat-Proof Your Make-Up


Maintaining your make-up during heatwaves can be tricky. Beauty editor Susanne Norris shares her top tips and tricks for keeping make-up looking beautiful over the summer season....

How to do Movember like a pro


For some it’s a blessing; for others, it’s a curse. To the humiliation and horror of every baby-faced male up and down the country, November is upon us and it's time to show...

Backpacking essentials


During my time interrailing this summer, I found there were a few things in my bag that became invaluable. If you’re going travelling, these are the things you do not want to...

Top Time management Tips for the Overloaded Student


Charlotte Cooper talks time management whilst at University....