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Why the Conservative immigration policy may be workable


Is an ‘Australian style’ points-based immigration system a workable policy?  Possibly. It depends on the exact nature of the legislation. For much of the public, the...

Why you should vote for… the Conservatives


Stephen Dawes argues that the Tories are the party most deserving of your vote in the approaching general election. ...

Race traitors: the hypocrisy of the left


Extend the privilege of individuality to all and scrap this race–based discriminatory identity politics nonsense.  In the past, the role that BAME (Black, Asian and...

Boris Johnson’s rise to power: the great rejuvenation of the UK


After the inevitable fall of Theresa May, a dedicated, yet notably ineffective prime minister, it was obvious to all that the next leader of the Conservative Party needed to be...

Boris Johnson’s rise to power: the country will pay


In recent years an already unstable political climate has hit global turbulence....

Boris Johnson’s rise to power: violent ideas become violent actions


The ruling class asks us to engage Boris Johnson on his personality and ‘ideas’, and followingly the mainstream media drools over the man’s life like a (relatively) fresh...