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Huge fees for two year degrees


Our writers discuss the implications of fast-track two-year degrees which cost £11,000 a year....

May proposes to reduce tuition fees by a third


Following her electoral humbling last year, Theresa May has been eager to try and win back the youth vote, who overwhelmingly backed Jeremy Corbyn, and his tantalising offer of...

Students sceptical over tuition fee review


The government has announced a review of the university tuition fee system, which could result in changes to how much students pay for their education depending on what courses...

Theresa’s Terrible Tory Tuition Review


Tuition fees: a system that has become so unworkable and so ill conceived that even the Conservative government have taken it upon themselves to ‘review’ its future. As...

May’s review of tuition fees


Theresa May is launching a major review into higher education funding. The Conservative Party promised a review of tertiary education funding in their election manifesto last May,...

Tuition fee increase agreed


The Government has recently rushed through the Higher Education and Research Bill, meaning that Universities are able to increase tuition fees annually until 2020. Initially,...