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Review: The Great


Shamara Mohsin reviews new period-drama centred around Russian monarch Catherine the Great....

The meaning of fashion in TV and film


As society indulges in more T.V and film than ever before Nimra Rafique considers how the fashion industry is impacted by our watches...

Movies based on TV shows – is it ever a good idea?


Our writers debate whether films based on TV shows are creatively worth pursuing....

Amazon Prime: The prime picks of the platform


Amanda Goh goes to Amazon Prime for all her TV-binge needs, discussing what her top pics are from the streaming service....

His Dark Materials: The Biggest BBC Show Ever?


Some of my fondest memories of His Dark Materials, the Philip Pullman children’s book trilogy that ran from 1995 to 2000, involve schoolyard games in which you would visualise...

From the small screen to the large. Should TV shows be made into films?


Ellie Pidgeon debates whether the TV shows should stay on the small screen....