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Northern Stage: Newcastle on-screen


Though nowadays we wouldn’t think twice about the Toon’s presence in mainstream media (cheers Geordie Shore), Newcastle has historically had a hard time finding a home on our...

Throwback – True Detective


Ahh, True Detective Season 1 (who are we kidding, that other season with Colin Farrell doesn’t exist). True Detective is a televised triumph. A lot of TV shows are good, and...

Manage Your Speculations – Bill Nye


In what is being dubbed the Post-Truth era, in a world of alternative facts, climate change denial and criticism of experts, there’s one thing that we can rely on: Netflix. So,...



Cornwall and good food. These are two things the four episode drama has to offer and succeeds at. It then mixes love, infidelity and a subtle pinch of dark comedy in what becomes...



When a show has been absent from our screens for three years and then returns with just three episodes, there’s no room for error. Luckily, the fourth series of BBC’s Sherlock...

The Apprentice 2015: Meet The Candidates


Haaris Qureshi gives us the low-down on this year's bunch of wannabe entrepreneurs battling it out for Lord Sugar's love and affection (and investment). ...