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Labour Leadership: Keir Starmer


Jack Wallace-Hunter discusses Kier Starmer's chances of assuming the Labour leadership. ...

10 year forecast: Brexit


The most terrifying aspect of Brexit is not only its ever delayed imminence, but the fact that no one knows quite what will happen if it carries through. In ten years, will...

Review: Official Secrets (15)


George Bell shares his review for the acclaimed political thriller starring Keira Knightley....

Political harassment: how far is too far?


In this climate of chaos, resentment against seemingly incapable politicians is understandable. Unsurprisingly however, this frustration seems to come from the same people who...

Best of politicians attempting to act normal in 2018


So when it comes to politicians attempting normality I really don’t think anything can top Theresa May dancing at the Conservative Party Conference in October. Yeah it’s the...

The expenses scandal: Britain’s best political exposé?


Joe Holloran looks back on the moment MP's got caught with their hands in the cookie jar....