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Veganuary: worth the hype or big mis-steak?


With Veganuary over, Lily Holbrook debates the pros and cons of the month-long effort to move towards a vegan diet. ...

The Game Changers is a game changer


Laura Chaney analyses the new Netflix documentary encouraging athletes to switch to veganism....

Roasts, Toasts and Soapboxes


Comment's home of rants: weird, wonderful, weekly. Our two new columns give writers the chance to roast, or toast, a figure or group of their choosing....

Why lobsters shouldn’t be boiled alive


Scarlett Rowland argues that crustaceans are sentient creatures that can feel pain....

Veganism: The Steaks Are High


Do our taste buds need to change to combat the toxic effects of animal agriculture upon the environment?...

Virtual reality educates viewers on veganism


VeganSoc teamed up with iAnimal to use Virtual Reality technology to promote animal welfare ...