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YuMe World: Newcastle’s latest VR gaming centre


Gaming Editor Alex Darbyshire takes an exclusive look at YuMe World, an upcoming VR and arcade centre at The Gate...

Valve unveils new Half-Life


James Troughton wakes up and smells the announcement of the decade for PC gamers....

Oculus reveals VR hand tracking


Shawn Khoo recaps the latest developments in the virtual reality industry....

Virtual reality educates viewers on veganism


VeganSoc teamed up with iAnimal to use Virtual Reality technology to promote animal welfare ...

Future perfect


The year is 2026. You strap on your VR headset, fitting the connector electrodes along the studs grafted into your skull. Slotting jacks into the ports embedded in your skin, you...

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe


Last year was a very strange year for video games.  After much uncertainty and weariness as to whether the Playstation 4 and Xbox One would be a success or not, 2015 saw the two...