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My Therapy: Reading


For me, if something is to be considered therapeutic, it has to be a form of escape. It has to be something that occupies me entirely, and allows me to switch off from the outside...

New University Wellbeing App: iNCLude


Newcastle University have introduced a new, free wellbeing app: iNCLude, designed to help students take steps to help improve their mental wellbeing....

Exercise class anxiety: it’s a real thing!


Lyndsey Ward writes about the worries concerning exercise classes and how to combat them. ...

The world is struggling to cope: tackling the “mental health crisis”


10th October marked World Mental Health Day, which follows a timely Lancet Commission report that has declared that the world is failing to tackle a “mental health crisis”....

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?


Resident science writer Ng Yi Min explains what you really need to drink to stay hydrated....

Law society op-paw-sing stress with pup therapy


The week included smoothie making, massages and yoga in addition to puppy petting...