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UK Wildlife faces down the threat of extinction


A recent report released by the State of Nature has found that UK wildlife is now changing at a rate quicker than ever, with over half of the 7000 species studied experiencing...

Acorn’t believe it! Red squirrel population stabile in North East


Northumberland Wildlife Trust have released their seventh annual report which reveals that numbers of red squirrels across the North of England are stable. The study takes into...

David Attenborough’s new series Dynasties predicted to be a ‘roaring’ success


Planet Earth II was a huge success. Dynasties is expected to share the same fate. ...

New Great Ape Species Discovered


Science writer Ng Yi Min introduces us to our long lost relative....

Where the wild things are


Wildlife is one of the top reasons I love travelling. There is, of course, the lure of delicious foods, fascinating culture and the chance to try out new thing but ultimately,...