Take Me Out 10th Anniversary Review

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Take Me Out is one of my guilty pleasures, and I was excited for the 10th year anniversary special, as they would swap the thirty single girls for thirty single men. Sounds like every girls dream right? WRONG. From watching the episode it become very clear that there’s a reason it is better suited with 30 single females. This is merely down to the men’s lack of being picky. Only a few men turned their lights off in one round leaving one of the women to have to turn of 25 lights, and that’s a lot of lights. Would a guy have that many lights left to turn off? Girls tend to turn their lights off for the littlest things, such as choice of clothes, hair, beards, dance moves, eyebrows, the list just goes on.

It was still entertaining though, as they brought back previous guys who had come down the love lift themselves, some of which had blackouts and left with nothing more than a paddy hug, but with only two female celebrities to enter the love lift, their chances were still very slim. The episode showed a softer side when it showed couples from the previous 10 series that had gotten married and had children together, giving a more genuine feel to the show. I say this as some of the things the contestants’ say can feel sometimes forced, or arguably too rehearsed rather than natural. If you watch the show you will know, at the end of the series Paddy and some of the 30 singletons put on a comedy sketch, and this one was well *hands on hips and pelvis forward* awkward. It was a change we all thought we wanted but I’m afraid it wasn’t as effective. So I’m turning my light off, no likey, no lighty.

Last modified: 12th March 2018

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